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Spread Your Wings And Fly!

imageThis is one of my favorite winged memories. At my previous home in Bentonville Arkansas we had three pine trees in our side yard and every year dozens of Luna Moths would emerge from their cocoons in those trees. This one actually landed on my hat while gardening shortly after its first flight from the tree. It’s wings were still drying so I placed my hat on the ground and it crawled off onto the mat of ground cover. Really a beautiful creation. The colors so vivid and strong. Rare moments like this in nature inspire my heart to spread my own wings and fly. #yesyoucan #color #bugs #wings #lunamoth #beautiful #butterfly #wings #fly #godart #encouragement #inspiration




Hello beautiful people,
Many of my peeps have been asking for this so I have finally put the “Hope” pendant on The House at White Rock. However, I would really like to share with you the story behind this piece. A local family here has a daughter who is battling Battens disease. You see this young girl is battling for her precious life daily and she loves butterflies. When she was little she could flutter around trying to catch them but now her body will not allow such pleasures. The family has a foundation called Hope for Bridget to bring awareness to this life taking disease. During a recent even to support this sweet family this pendant was born to bring hope. Hope for those feeling despair, facing adversity and Hope for Bridget.
This pendant is available with a green or blue vintage Natural History butterfly on one side and Hope over sheet music on the other. Availible in two sizes. Hope you enjoy it.