The House at White Rock

Trust in the gifts within. Sandy King

This little cup of treasure sits on my spinning paint caddy in my art studio. This Heart shaped rock was found by the Elk River at Camp Tilden in southern Missouri while camping with dear friends. The tiny bird nest was yet another thoughtful gift from one of my sons. They know how much I treasure things from nature and when he found this nest on the ground he knew he had to give it to me. It fits perfectly in this small delicate tea cup I picked up for fifty cents at a thrift shop. And yes, frozen Charlotte doll is from Germany and is very old (1860-1890). She reminds me that though she is not perfect, and she has many broken places, she still has much to give. The writing on the heart is my first mantra. It surfaced while taking Kelly Rae Roberts painting e-course Hello Soul, Hello Mantras. If you want to grow in creating then her class is a must! Trust in the gifts within by Sandy King

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