About Sandy King

IMG_2881Well hello there,

I would like to share a little something about myself.  I am a simply southern, born and bred Texan currently living in the charming and historical town of Madison Indian. God has blessed me with three beautiful children and their amazing daddy really melts my butter.  I am always on the hunt for junk such as rusty metal, chippie paint, mismatched china, old book, tarnished silver, vintage treasures, turquoise, and anything weathered or with patina. I adore boots, jeans, flowy lace tops and flip flops.  You know the kind, a bohemian-hippie-gypsy-cowgirl.  I am a jewelry designer, a creative soul and dare I say…an artist.  There!  I said it!  I was born in 1967 and it has taken me this long to declare who I am. It’s about time too.


Deep in the heart of Texas

As a little girl I was exposed to art at a very young age. I spent every moment I could at my grandmother Bessie’s home in Austin Texas.  It is the place that I lovingly refer to asthe House at White Rock.”  This charming little white cottage, so filled with love, is in a magical setting. It has giant Oak, Elm and Cyprus trees that create a canopy over the yard which slopes down to an enormous native lime stone white rock that rests beside a gentle creek. It is also the home my mom was born in (another very creative and loving soul).  I would have grand adventures there from dawn to dusk, all the while Bessie would be painting and creating beauty as she watched over me. If I fell down she would pick me up and dust me off. If I messed up she would say try again Sandy Love. If I was discouraged, she shared her love and a warm comfy lap! She encouraged me to dream big, to create and play and love with all my heart. As a little girl I wanted to be just like her!

soulful awakening

“believe in your little girl dreams”

As sometimes happens as we grow, life seemed to throw a few curve balls in my direction. Some hurts cut deep and the broken places were oh so dark. And though I have always been a creative soul, for a time I lost my passion for creating with a purpose.  A huge catapult for putting purpose back in my life was attending Discovery Training in January 2008. I still serve there when I travel back to Texas to help others just as others gave their time to help me. It renews my spirit and blesses me more that words can offer. I am finding new courage to create through the broken places and find wholeness there.  I believe that creating art in any form is good for the soul. It is through my art and jewelry I am finally able to live my mission with passion and to believe in my little girl dreams.  And the best part is that the adventure continues from generation to generation here. You see, my children and their many cousins still go see grandparents there.  My wonderful mom and dad live in the very house Mom was born in.  And the love just keeps growing at the House at White Rock.



Creatively yours,
Sandy King

I am a loving, compassionate and worthy woman submitting to Gods will daily.
My mission is to encourage hope and self-worth in those I encounter.