German Glass Glitter GGG

What is the hype about German Glass Glitter? It’s like a radiant beam from the heavens, starlight in a bottle, the glimmer of a dragonfly wing, flittering Pixie dust, light reflecting on a dew drop, it’s pure magic y’all! GGG is first silver coated (with real silver) for extra sparkle and shine and then coated with a variety of colors. Over time a beautiful patina ages the colors, to give you a really authentic vintage glass glitter look. Just like grandmother’s vintage Christmas cards and ornaments. If you prefer the “new look” simple coat your project with a sealer of your choice. Acrylic, gel medium, resin, etc. This is the glitter you have read about on many blogs, the best German Glitter pre-blended and perfect for your next project. It is still produced today by the same old world methods and imported directly from Europe. 

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