Custom Orders

A little bit about custom. I reserve the right to accept or deny creating a custom piece. I enjoy creating personalize memories for my customer. However, they can be time consuming depending on the amount of editing and conversing that takes place on some orders. Please email me directly on the “Contact” page before purchasing a custom piece. I have many sizes of glass and certain images will work better in some shapes over others. I have sample custom sizes priced here but custom work that takes additional time may have additional fees. Here are a few Do’s and Dont’s regarding custom work
1) When going through your pictures please try to pick ones with a nice clear image. Size does not matter. I will attempt to edit and crop the photo to work with my glass.
2) Email the image to me AFTER you have sent an email to me on the “Contact” page requesting a pendant and I have responded to you.
3) My pendants are 2 sided. You can chiose 2 images or an image on one side and a scripture, quote, or other words on the other side. When thinking about words… go with your heart. Make it personal. I can help you find quotes or scriptures to go with your image if need be. (Additional time spent may have additional fees)
1) I will NOT use a copyrighted images under any circumstance without written permission from the artist or photographer! This includes school pictures or family photos done from a professional photographer. I respect the work that other artists do and hope you will understand.
2) Do not send me original images in the mail. Email pictures instead.
3) Please do not copy anything from FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram, the internet or other sources that are not your own and ask me to make a pendant of it. This is prohibited under copywrite laws.
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you

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