As many of you know I have been on a road trip to Texas with my kids the past few weeks.  Well, I am finally settled back at home, the laundry is done, and the suitcases are put away. Thought I’d never get caught up on that!  Anyway, I decided to stop in and fluff my jewelry display at The House of Betty Jane in Lake Zurich today and my display was gone!  When I left in early July there was a lovely display over a table near the back of the store.  There were several customers shopping and I tried not to panic.  My mind was thinking all sorts of things like, was there a complaint or did the shop not want to cary my jewelry anymore?


It was a whole two minutes of terror but as I walk back up to the front of the shop there, right before my eyes was a new and improved location.  Not just any location either! I am now prominently located under bright lights right in the midst of one of my mentor’s beautiful art and home decor.  What are the odds?  This woman has a beautiful heart and spends her life empowering other women.  She is talented beyond measure and has art, jewelry and home decor in many shops all over the world.  Kelly Rea Roberts  also has online courses and her Hello Soul, Hello Mantras e-course help me find my wings to really go for it with The House At White Rock jewelry company. I’m sure the owner of the shop had no idea that she had blessed me in such a way but I am humbled and so excited!  ps There is a link to the e-course on the left side of my blog page.  Check it out!