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Spread Your Wings And Fly!

imageThis is one of my favorite winged memories. At my previous home in Bentonville Arkansas we had three pine trees in our side yard and every year dozens of Luna Moths would emerge from their cocoons in those trees. This one actually landed on my hat while gardening shortly after its first flight from the tree. It’s wings were still drying so I placed my hat on the ground and it crawled off onto the mat of ground cover. Really a beautiful creation. The colors so vivid and strong. Rare moments like this in nature inspire my heart to spread my own wings and fly. #yesyoucan #color #bugs #wings #lunamoth #beautiful #butterfly #wings #fly #godart #encouragement #inspiration


Humbled and Blessed


As many of you know I have been on a road trip to Texas with my kids the past few weeks.  Well, I am finally settled back at home, the laundry is done, and the suitcases are put away. Thought I’d never get caught up on that!  Anyway, I decided to stop in and fluff my jewelry display at The House of Betty Jane in Lake Zurich today and my display was gone!  When I left in early July there was a lovely display over a table near the back of the store.  There were several customers shopping and I tried not to panic.  My mind was thinking all sorts of things like, was there a complaint or did the shop not want to cary my jewelry anymore?


It was a whole two minutes of terror but as I walk back up to the front of the shop there, right before my eyes was a new and improved location.  Not just any location either! I am now prominently located under bright lights right in the midst of one of my mentor’s beautiful art and home decor.  What are the odds?  This woman has a beautiful heart and spends her life empowering other women.  She is talented beyond measure and has art, jewelry and home decor in many shops all over the world.  Kelly Rea Roberts  also has online courses and her Hello Soul, Hello Mantras e-course help me find my wings to really go for it with The House At White Rock jewelry company. I’m sure the owner of the shop had no idea that she had blessed me in such a way but I am humbled and so excited!  ps There is a link to the e-course on the left side of my blog page.  Check it out!




#FabulousFind #FunkyJunkChair #VintageStyle

So after #StalkingFlowers I finally got to the yard sale and look what I just picked from a kind woman in her “golden years” who was downsizing. She kept her home impeccably clean and this chair looks like it just came off the showroom floor. How fun!




Hello Beautiful people!  So… I sorta because a stalker today.  Not of people but of flowers!  i was driving along and saw a yard sale sign so I had to investigate.  I turned down a charming little street and then I saw them!  I got out of my car and tiptoed into a sweet woman’s yard to take pictures of her amazing peonies.  they come in so many lovely colors but I have never seen such yummy shades of salmon and peach. These pictures really don’t do them justice.  #StalkingFlowers


IMG_1757 IMG_1758 IMG_1760IMG_1762 IMG_1768


When it rains it pours!

Looks like the sun will be shining this week down in Texas and it’s a good thing too. I know many in the surrounding southern states are still reeling from the past two weeks of storms. The good news for my family is that The House at White Rock made it through the flooding. My mom Margaret and dear Aunt Betty grew up in this house that was built in 1931.  They shared a story about one day that they were playing in the creek. Their daddy came rushing down and grabbed them up and threw them up to safety just as a wall of water came rushing down the creek. Here they are in the 1930’s about the time of time of that story.


It’s amazing how fast the waters can rise even if the storm is up creek. Many times over the years Waller creek has burst its banks up into the yard but my mom say’s this is the highest it has been in 81 years (since she was born)!


As you can see from the photo above that was taken by my niece Bailey, the water came all the way up and under the house! Surging 2 feet over the walking bridge and up into Eastwood Park. Everything in the picture below was under water in just a few short hours! But the house that love built still remains intact. It is really incredible that in just a few days the creek settles back down into its normal tranquil setting. I am forever grateful that my folks were spared the horror of loosing their home like so may families have from the recent rampage of bad weather. It has caused me to reflect on my blessings and to say a prayer or two for the many who are still trying to recover.

White Rock


be blessed,



Lavishing Love

Image 1On February 14, 2013 I went to the door to discover boxes of roses!  My husband had completely lost his mind and sent our daughter and myself 100 roses each! Now let me clear this up and say that this is not a normal Valentine Day gift from my love.  He usually picks up a lovely bouquet and takes me to a nice dinner.  One of my sons was home sick from school and he helped me scrabble around the house looking for vases, tarnished silver tea pots and mason jars to house this many flowers.  It took us nearly an hour to get them all trimmed and rearranged.  This time was a wonderful lesson for my son and I.  Not a lesson on how we should go crazy on Valentine’s Day, no, that wasn’t it at all.  I thought back on the flowers I received last year. I thought of the 2 dozen roses my daughter had received from a boy.  And then it hit me right in the heart.  One can never out give the Father.  I’m not talking about my wonderful husband, my daughters daddy.  I’m talking about The Father.  I was overwhelmed by God’s love.  I may receive many gifts from loved ones in my life but nothing compares to the gift of God’s grace.  His love is boundless.  His love is a crazy love. His love is excessive. His love is over the top. His love quenches my thirsty soul. He longs to lavish His love on me, on you. And all He asks of me is that I accept His love.  My wish today is that you are blessed by the Father’s lavishing love.
P.S.  I was sick on 2/14 so I stayed home with the boys and my hubby took our daughter to dinner and lavished love on her. Makes this mamas heart soar!