Vintage Pink 4 oz GGG


Vintage Pink. This is a perfect vintage 1930’s pink!  This was the color of my mother’s room when she was a little girl. She was born in 1933. Dreamy goodness in this color.

4 oz bottle of pure German Glass Glitter.  This is a custom mix of chunky 70  and fine 90 grit pale pink and rose perfectly blended for your crafting project.

What is the hype about German Glass Glitter? GGG is first silver coated (with real silver) for extra sparkle and shine and then coated with a variety of colors. Over time a beautiful patina ages the colors, to give you a really authentic vintage glass glitter look. Just like grandmother’s vintage Christmas cards and ornaments. If you prefer the “new look” simple coat your project with a sealer of your choice. Acrylic, gel medium, resin, etc. This is the glitter you have read about on many blogs, the best German Glitter pre-blended and perfect for your next project. It is still produced today by the same old world methods and imported directly from Europe.